Terms of participation
The company "ALPHA BANK AE operating under the trade name "ALPHA BANK”, with registered office in Athens, Attica Prefecture and registered in the General Commercial Register (G.E.MI.) number 223701000 (hereinafter "Alpha Bank" and/or "Organizer") is hosting, within the framework of actions for the promotion and development of innovative technologies in the financial sector, an innovation marathon (hackathon) in order to deliver modern innovative digital solutions for the banking services sector (hereinafter referred to as the "Competition" and/or "Fintech Challenge '17") .
The Competition is aimed at developing and promoting ideas for the creation of innovative applications and products through the use of new technologies that will lead to the upgrading of services offered, the optimization of internal functions, and more generally to the improvement of customer experience in the financial sector. The "Fintech Challenge '17" is organized by Alpha Bank and shall take place from 24/11/2017 to 26/11/2017 at the "Tzaferi 16” building, 16 Tzaferi Street, Gazi, Attica, in accordance with the detailed schedule that will be posted on www.fintechchallenge.gr and shall be governed by these terms (hereinafter "Terms of Participation").

Participants are advised to carefully read the Terms of Participation, which are published on the website www.fintechchallenge.gr. The full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Participation is a prerequisite for any interested party that meets the conditions of entry to the "Fintech Challenge '17". The Organizer reserves the right to modify, at any time and for any reason, these Terms of Participation and/or suspend or cancel the "Fintech Challenge '17" or the prizes offered in its sole discretion. Any such modification, cancellation or suspension shall take effect from its publication on the "Fintech Challenge '17” website. Alpha Bank shall not be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any modification of the Terms of Participation and/or the suspension or cancellation of the "Fintech Challenge '17".
Terms & Conditions of Participation
The following categories are entitled to participate in the "Fintech Challenge '17":
natural persons, participating either on an individual basis or in teams of two (2) to five (5) people, aged eighteen (18) years or over at the date on which the "Fintech Challenge '17” is to be held, with full legal capacity, regardless of nationality or place of residence

start-ups, either in the form of sole proprietorships (active professionals) or legal persons, whose operating life, from the date of establishment to the date of submission of the application, does not exceed five (5) years, and which have not been involved in insolvency proceedings and employ a staff of up to ten (10) people on the date on which the "Fintech Challenge '17” is to be held.
Employees of the Alpha Bank Group companies and employees of partner and supporter companies (including their subsidiaries) of the "Fintech Challenge '17” shall not have the right to participate in the "Fintech Challenge '17" as contestants.
Applications may be submitted from the 26th of July 2017 up until the 31st of October 2017. A limited number of participants shall be admitted to the "Fintech Challenge '17". It should be noted that it is up to the discretion of the Organizer to terminate the registration process at any time and for any reason, including without limitation, in the event of a particularly increased number of participations.
The Organizer reserves the right to refuse, exclude or cancel an entry, for any of the following reasons:
a) in the event that a participant, be it a natural or a legal person, does not accept the Terms of Participation in their entirety, duly and unconditionally, or does not fully satisfy said Terms of Participation, which are considered essential as a whole, b) due to a subsequent failure on behalf of the participant to observe the Terms and Conditions of the "Fintech Challenge '17", c) if a participant, acting either individually or as a team – in the event of a team, this also involves each of its members – violates the Competition terms and/or in general the applicable law, the general principles of good faith and morality or if, as a result of such participation or behaviour on behalf of any participant, the Organizer deems, at its absolute discretion, that there is a risk of damage to its reputation and interests. For the purpose hereof, the definition of participant shall include all natural persons who apply individually, all natural persons who participate as team members and, in the event of a legal person participating, the legal persons themselves and the natural persons acting on their behalf.
The Organizer reserves the right to evaluate the applications for entry and to select and designate those that will ultimately qualify to participate in the "Fintech Challenge '17". The evaluation shall be made on the basis of criteria that are considered by the Organizer, in its sole discretion, to be significant, such as but not limited to, the participants’ knowledge and skills in digital banking products or services, their perception of the real needs of the financial sector and/or its customers, as well as their intention to innovate and develop pioneering ideas, in conjunction with the applicability and feasibility of such ideas in the field of digital banking, and in accordance with the information stated by the applicants in their application. Whenever appropriate, the Organizer, always at its sole and absolute discretion, may invite the applicants to a personal interview, upon notification.
Participation in the “Fintech Challenge 17” and information regarding the terms under which the "Fintech Challenge '17” is to be conducted, shall be provided exclusively on the website www.fintechchallenge.gr as well as on the respective Facebook page. The participants of the "Fintech Challenge '17" shall be notified by phone and/or by e-mail as per the contact details stated on their application form.
Upon filling out the special application form for legal persons, which is available on the "Fintech Challenge '17" website (www.fintechchallenge.gr), both the contact details of the legal representative as well as those of all the team members of the legal person taking part in the Competition, must be provided. The legal representative of the legal person who is participating in the Competition shall be responsible for properly entering the contact details of their team members as well, and shall ensure that their consent has been obtained. In this case, the provisions on team participations shall apply.
In order for a team to participate in the "Fintech Challenge '17", at any stage of the Competition, all of its members must fulfil the conditions of entry to the Competition in question. If a team member is disqualified, or if it is established that the member in question has no right to participate, the Organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude the entire team from participation. It is noted that the composition of the teams may change at any stage of the "Fintech Challenge '17". In order to compete, all team members must be physically present in the venue where the "Fintech Challenge '17" will be held.
The Organizer reserves the right to ask participants that apply as individuals to join, at any stage of the Competition, an existing team or to create a new team, collaborating with one or more people who have also submitted an individual application and consent to the creation of a team. In this case, the team must meet the requirements that are applicable to team participations under these Terms of Participation.
The Organizer reserves the right to request, at any moment in time, that participants provide documents which warrant the accuracy of the information stated (e.g. identity card, passport, any necessary legal documents in the case of legal persons, such as G.E.MI. certificates, certificates of non-insolvency, etc.) and which also attest to the fulfilment of the conditions referred to in the Terms of Participation.
Participants shall be exclusively responsible for the provision of accurate and updated information. In the event of false, inaccurate or incomplete information and/or similar data or documents, the Organizer has the right to cancel the participation in any phase or stage of the "Fintech Challenge '17", even during the award of the contest prizes.
Participation in the "Fintech Challenge '17" is free of charge. Any preparation costs and/or travel, accommodation and other expenses associated with participation in the "Fintech Challenge '17" and, in general, any expenses which the participants may incur as a result or in connection with their participation in the "Fintech Challenge '17”, shall be borne exclusively by the participants and the Organizer shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for covering these costs.
Equipment shall not be provided for the development of applications during the "Fintech Challenge '17". Consequently, participants will need to bring their own equipment for the purposes of participating and presenting their idea or application. At the "Fintech Challenge '17" venue, the Organizer shall provide audiovisual equipment that can be used by the participants for their final presentations, stationery supplies (notepads, pens, flipcharts), an Internet connection as well as access to Alpha Bank’s virtual items (Sandbox APIs) which can be used for the development of applications. Any printed or other material that will be submitted by participants for the purposes of their participation in the "Fintech Challenge '17" is non-refundable.
The provision of support services and equipment on behalf of the Organizer to the participants is subject to the understandable premise that all participants, under any means of participation and any status, are obliged to comply with any obligation arising from the Organizer’s security policies and procedures, regarding which they will have been duly informed, and accept that they shall be liable in full for any damage, accident or harm caused to the supplied equipment and/or in general to the Organizer's infrastructure.
The venue of the "Fintech Challenge '17" shall be guarded throughout the duration of the challenge (on a 24-hour basis). Nevertheless, the responsibility for the safety of the participants’ equipment and personal belongings during their stay at the "Fintech Challenge '17" venue lies entirely on them. Participants will be provided with complimentary food, refreshments, coffee, water and snacks during the course of the "Fintech Challenge '17” and inside the venue.
The "Fintech Challenge '17" will be conducted in Greek. It should however be pointed out that some of the speeches may be delivered in English, while during the presentation of the ideas, solutions or applications by the participants and their evaluation by the Jury, the English language may also be used. If required, international terms may be used for particular terminology or technical data.
For the evaluation of the applications/solutions that will be presented by the participants during the Competition and the designation of the "Fintech Challenge '17" winners, a Jury shall be set up, consisting of members of the Organizer’s company, and of Fintech ecosystem experts from the academic community and the business world. The Jury’s fundamental responsibility is to evaluate the proposed applications/solutions that will be presented in the Competition and to designate the winners. It is expressly stated that, in all cases, the Jury forms its opinion and reaches a decision in its absolute, uncontrolled and unjustified exercise of discretion.
All Competition participants shall retain their intellectual property rights for the idea, solution or application that they present at the "Fintech Challenge '17", while they shall also have the sole responsibility and obligation to not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties with respect to the above ideas, solutions or applications. Each participant acknowledges and accepts that the ideas, solutions or applications that will be presented during the "Fintech Challenge '17" may show similarities between them on the subject or basic concept thereof. The Organizer shall bear no direct or indirect obligation or liability, neither now nor in the future, in relation to the infringement or protection of intellectual property rights and other related rights, or ownership rights, the protection of personality, privacy, and in general any violation of any institutional framework provision for the orderly development, promotion and presentation of ideas, solutions or applications at the "Fintech Challenge '17", towards the participants and any third party entitled to any rights. It is clarified that the experience gained by each participant as a result of their cooperation and their joint effort to develop ideas, solutions or applications to be presented at the "Fintech Challenge '17" shall not constitute a separate ownership or intellectual property right.
With respect to the product to be presented at the "Fintech Challenge '17”, participants declare and guarantee that:
i.it is their original creation and therefore their intellectual property
ii.It does not infringe intellectual property rights, ownership rights or other related rights or any other kind of rights of any third party
iii. they authorize the Organizer to use and promote, across a variety of media (including the Internet), the products developed in the context of the "Fintech Challenge '17", exclusively for the purposes of implementation, promotion and dissemination of the "Fintech Challenge '17” results.
All "Fintech Challenge '17" participants declare that they agree to be recorded, photographed and/or filmed during the "Fintech Challenge '17", without seeking any consideration in return. The Organizer shall be entitled, without having to obtain any special authorization to do so nor pay any financial consideration, to use the above data, including any statement by the participants, their biographical information and demonstrations of their applications through snapshots or video, for the purposes of promoting and advertising the "Fintech Challenge '17" and its results, including but not limited, on the "Fintech Challenge '17” website, as well as that of the Organizer, the sponsors and the supporters of the "Fintech Challenge '17", or on any social media and other printed or digital media.
The evaluation process will begin on the 26th of November 2017, according to the detailed schedule that will be posted on the "Fintech Challenge '17" website www.fintechchallenge.gr.
Participants are asked to present, in a short period of time, the exact duration of which shall be defined in the detailed schedule no later than the commencement of the competition process, the result of their work to the Jury, which shall evaluate and score their work based on the following evaluation criteria: i.The extent to which the idea covers the real needs of the financial sector and/or its customers
ii.The degree of innovation of the idea
iii.The feasibility and applicability of the idea.
Once the presentation and evaluation process has been completed, in accordance with the terms of the "Fintech Challenge '17" detailed schedule www.fintechchallenge.gr, the winners shall be announced as per their score. The first three winners shall receive cash prizes of €5,000, €3,000 and €1,000 respectively.
Any expenses or charges related to claiming or awarding the prizes shall be borne exclusively by the winners of the Competition. The cash prizes shall be awarded without obligation to deduct any taxes or other contributions-charges.
The ideas, applications and solutions that will be created as products of the "Fintech Challenge '17", may form the basis of collaboration between the team and the Organizer. However, this shall be left at the entire discretion of the Organizer and shall in no way constitute a commitment, promise or any form of obligation, nor give rise to expectations on behalf of the Organizer towards the participants.
26. Unless otherwise required by law, the Organizer, any sponsors and supporters of the "Fintech Challenge '17", as well as their executives, employees, associates, and in general any of their agents, shall bear no responsibility, whereas the participants, upon submitting their application form, acknowledge and accept this exclusion of liability for any damage, loss or harm (including loss of profit), whether direct or indirect, that may arise in any way from or in connection with the "Fintech Challenge '17", as in the cases that are listed below by way of indication only:
i.If the receipt and registration of the application form is temporarily impossible through the dedicated website "Fintech Challenge '17” due to technical reasons
ii.if any technical difficulties, technical errors, equipment, hardware or software malfunctions arise, network connections are jeopardized or unavailable (whether these connections are under the control of the Organizer or not)
iii.any loss, damage or breakdown of the participants’ equipment devices
iv.any change in the value of the prize as stated in these Terms of Participation
v.any tax liability (pursuant also to item 24 of these Terms of Participation) undertaken by a winner or any participant
vi. any loss, damage, claim and action of any kind in relation to the "Fintech Challenge '17” event, the developed applications or the acceptance or use of any of the prizes.
The collection, storage and processing of the participants’ personal data shall be subject to and governed by the Terms of Participation and the current regulatory and legislative framework for the protection of individuals from the processing of their personal data and the confidentiality of communications. The personal data declared by the participants upon submitting their application for participation in the Competition shall be used by the Organizer (and/or any third party acting on its behalf) solely for the purpose of promoting and advertising the "Fintech Challenge '17" and its results (announcement and publication of the winners' details and the prizes awarded), and shall not be transmitted to third parties (other than the processors acting at the request and on behalf of the Organizer). Each participant shall be entitled to request the access or deletion of their data from the file kept for the purposes of the "Fintech Challenge '17", by sending an e-mail to fintechchallenge@alpha.gr.
By submitting their application for the "Fintech Challenge '17", the contestants:
i.are bound by these Terms of Participation and undertake to comply and abide by them
ii.accept and agree that the decision of the Jury appointed by the Organizer is final and binding with respect to any prizes awarded
iii.explicitly and unconditionally consent and agree to have their personal data, the summary/description of the application material that they will present and their summary biographical information stored in a file, as well as to the processing of said file in accordance with the current legislation on personal data protection
iv.undertake to protect any confidential information that involves the Organizer and that may be disclosed to the participants (for example the Bank’s APIs) by unauthorized means of access and dissemination, and to use such information only in the context of the "Fintech Challenge '17"
v.agree to not use or promote offensive, obscene, libellous, defamatory, threatening, harassing or any other illegal material in their presentations and applications
vi.agree to not install any viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots or other computer programming routines or malware that may damage, interfere in a detrimental way, prevent, or cause the removal of any system, data or other information from the Organizer
vii.agree that their participation in the "Fintech Challenge '17" shall not violate any confidentiality obligations or rights of third parties nor any law, contract, or regulation in general.
These Terms are governed by Greek law. Any dispute that may arise in connection with the interpretation and/or implementation of the Terms of Participation of the "Fintech Challenge '17" shall be resolved by the competent Courts of Athens.